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Vortex ECU Map Switch Installation:

The handlebar switch allows the user of the Vortex ECU to switch between 2 of the 10 pre-programmed maps. Map 1 (fixed down position) and any other map (selectable via the ECU X10 switch). The ECU handlebar switch plugs directly into the Vortex ECU.

CAUTION: The connector housing or pins can be damaged if incorrect connection methods are used. Align the locking tab before inserting.

Vortex ECU Map Switch Operation:

X10 Operation: The Vortex X10 ECU has 10 pre-programmed ignitions and fuel maps. The will allow the selection of up to 10 performance settings. To access these settings, set the handlebar switch to the “MAP X10” (up position) and then using a small screwdriver select 1 – 0 on the X10 rotary switch on the Vortex ECU.

NOTE: Handlebar switch position “MAP 1” will always be X10 Map 1. Handlebar switch position “MAP X10” can be any map 1 – 0 as selected on the ECU X10 DIAL.

Vortex ECU’s & Map Switches are a performance product and is designed for closed course competition use only. By purchasing this product you understand that the parts, installation and performance modifications are not emissions or noise compliant and are for closed course competition use only.