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Whether you are new to dirt biking or someone who has been riding dirt bikes for some time, there are some accessories that you will want to consider purchasing. Riding a dirt bike can be somewhat expensive, so if you’ve purchased a bike and you want to restrict your budget, the following dirt bike accessories for less than $100 will help you make purchases that won’t break the bank. The list below is broken down into accessories and clothing to ensure your safety and comfort when riding your bike.


While you may have just purchased a new bike, getting a higher spec set of tires can improve your ride. This is also true if you have had your bike for a few years. Tires come in all types depending on the type of riding you do. You will want to choose a tire that is suited to your riding style to give you the best performance. You will also want tires that you feel secure with, especially on difficult terrains and, for example, through the mud. Check the range of tires available and ensure you select ones that fit your needs. Manufacturers will list the different terrains the tires can be used for, be that a track, mountain terrain, or even sand. There is a vast array of tires available. All you have to do is choose the ones within your budget that are best suited to your requirements.

Seat Covers

Your dirt bike seat cover is often exposed to a lot of wear and tear with the endless back and forth moving when riding your favorite trails. Not to mention the mud and dust that gets accumulated on it. Seat covers are an excellent way of updating your ride and improving your comfort. If your seat is well past its use, seat covers are an excellent and cheap way of updating the look, feel, and durability of your bike. You can also choose to use a seat cover over the original one to keep it looking in tip-top shape.

Hand Grips

If you have purchased a new, pre-owned, or have had your bike for a while, you may want to consider upgrading your hand grips. They are an inexpensive way of updating your bike but can help you improve your grip while riding on difficult terrains, or through inclement weather. Even the slightest adjustment can make all the difference in getting you feeling comfortable on your bike. You want to feel as comfortable as possible while riding, which is why purchasing a set of handlebars that meets your preferences will play a huge role in updating your bike. It’s always good to test the handlebars before riding your bike to ensure they are comfortable and help you keep a firm grip.

Foot Pegs

Foot pegs are all about having a sense of standing on something that feels solid under your feet. You can opt for standard or oversized foot pegs to help improve your bike based on your riding style. Foot pegs come in different sizes and can help your bike look and feel different. Thankfully, foot pegs are easy to change, making them a great buy for under $100.

Hand Guards

An investment worth considering and also come under $100 is handguards. Handguards are ideal to add an extra layer of protection for your hands, but they are also invaluable for keeping debris away from the controls on your bike. There are so many choices depending on your budget and the style you want.


Helmets are so important when it comes to safety while riding your dirt bike. While safety is the highest priority, you will also want a helmet that looks stylish and feels great. There are decent helmets for under $100 that provide safety, good appearance, and comfort. Choose a helmet that has good ventilation for use on a hot day. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for measuring your head to choose the right size. When your helmet arrives, make sure you check that it fits on your head and isn’t wobbling about. Safety should be your number one priority.

Jersey and Pants

There are three reasons for buying a dirt jersey and pants. First of all, they protect you when riding, especially by covering your skin to ensure you don’t come into contact with small debris such as rocks, dirt, and sand. Secondly, having the proper dirt jersey and pants will keep your temperature regulated by wicking away sweat. Finally, having a stylish dirt jersey and pants will make you look and feel great on the track. You can purchase a dirt jersey and pants for less than $100 but make sure you purchase ones that will last for the rides you do.


Depending on the weather, you may want a dirt jacket when you go riding. You can choose between tons of different jackets all below the $100 mark. Make sure your dirt jacket has been constructed well to withstand everything you throw at it. This means having parts of the jacket that are reinforced in case you fall off your bike. You should also try to pick a jacket that lets you move without restriction and is comfortable to wear.


Dirt gloves are definitely one of the essentials as a dirt bike owner. They can be purchased for well under $100 and can make all the difference during your rides. The biggest reasons for purchasing dirt gloves include protecting your hands when gripping on to the handlebars, and making sure your hands don’t slip but also allowing your hands to be protected from flying debris. Dirt gloves are about helping you ride better and safer. They keep your hands dry, keep your hands from slipping, and can also reduce blisters from developing on your palms. Having specialized gloves can give you a higher degree of control when riding.


Boots are a great addition to your dirt bike clothing. You can easily purchase ones for below $100 that have excellent durability and performance. Opting for synthetic leather with reinforced toe and shin points will guarantee comfort, practicality, and protection. Look for boots that protect your legs, calves, and shins as well. Boots are an essential part of riding, especially if you are power sliding through the corners.