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Dirt bike owners spend a huge chunk of their time maneuvering new trails and exploring terrains in the most remote regions. The experience of riding in such topography is an unmatched pleasure, though the joy might be short-lived in case of mishaps.

The savviest decision you could make as a dirt bike rider is equipping yourself with a compact, portable, and carefully selected dirt bike tool kit. Having a satisfactorily equipped kit with all the fundamental dirt bike tools necessary for custom maintenance will guarantee you resume your adventures in no time should you encounter mechanical issues with the bike. Therefore, you should get yourself a toolbox and equip it with deliberately chosen tools. Below, we discuss the must-have dirt bike tools in your toolbox.

1.                  T-Handle Set Or Allen Key

You will find three variations of hexagon keys on the market – the conventional L-shaped Allen key, a more contemporary T-handle design, or a P-handle hex tool. You only have the option of ball ends or flat ends, though ball ends tend to slip, resulting in reduced torque.

One benefit of an L-shaped key is its better torsion compared to T-handles. However, a T-handle will provide you with extra comfort than the conventional L-shape key. The better option would be using a P-handle wrench, which gives you both torque and comfort.

2.                  Adjustable Wrench

As you pick an adjustable wrench to incorporate into your dirt bike tool kit, go for one with narrow profile jaws. Such a profile facilitates easier access to constricted regions than wrenches with serrated grips and wide jaws. In addition, a high-quality eight-inch chrome vanadium steel wrench can last for years, and the padded handle offers additional comfort.

3.                  Strip Light Or LED Torch

As you tinker around the hard-to-reach regions, a good strip light or flashlight might come in handy. In dark setups, you will be grateful for what a 200+ lumen light has to offer. You can use the strip light to flood the working area. You could also use the torch to light your riding track when riding late in the dark.

4.                  Cable Ties

A zip or cable tie will always come in handy for dirt bike riders. There is a wide range of applications for the cables, such as emergency paneling adjustments and fastening loose wires. Also, if you get a flat, a broad-width cable tie can help you maintain the tire in place on your rim and aid your limp home.

However, there are two general rules with cable ties – get many of them, black and in assorted sizes. A black material has an enhanced UV resistance, implying a longer lifespan compared to white ties, which become brittle and snap.

5.                  Bolt Kit

Washers, bolts, screws, and nuts tend to get lost. Though you might still be able to complete the lap or race, continuing to ride your bike with some nuts or bolts missing is courting disaster. However, with a bolt kit, you can address all the possible occurrences when it comes to replacing essential connections that might have fallen off. 

6.                  Tire Pump

Regardless of your preferred type of pump, ensure you always carry one with you whenever you leave home on your dirt bike. They are available in three options – compressed air pump, stirrup pump, or foot pump.

Bear in mind your dirt bike tires will need significantly lower pressure than conventional tires. A foot pump or stirrup should be sufficient for your first buy. Many models incorporate air pressure gauges, so we have not included the gauge as a different entity on our list.

7.                  Screwdriver

The main objective of your toolkit is that the tools should be multifunctional. Therefore, a screwdriver with various removable inserts with varying heads and head sizes is essential.

8.                  Pliers

No fingers, regardless of how strong they might be, can match the output provided by a pair of pliers. As such, pliers are among the tools that should never miss from your toolbox. The advantage of a pair of pliers, similar to the screwdriver, is their multifaceted personality. For example, if you were to choose only ten tools to have in your toolbox, then pliers would replace a crescent wrench, a complete set of open-ended wrenches, and axle nut wrenches.

9.                  Tire Levers

The most easily fixable and recurrent issue encountered by most dirt bike riders is flat tires while riding on the trail or track. However, if you do not have the correct tools for the task, the flat tire can quickly become a hard predicament. You will appreciate the convenience brought about by tire levers in removing a bicycle tire from a wheel rim. Tires need considerable support to get on and off. Therefore, having a quality collection of tire levers will prove essential when changing the tire of your dirt bike.

In addition, if you will be riding on different tire sets according to the terrain conditions, having the right tools ensures you can change your tires with the utmost ease. For our last three items, we focus on the necessary dirt bike tools to help you change your tires with extra ease.

10.              Tire Iron Set

One of the best tire iron sets is the Motion Pro T-6, which acts as a dual-purpose tool with an axle nut hex wrench on one side and a tire spoon on the opposite end. If you are planning to include this unit, ensure you get the right size for your dirt bike.

11.              Valve Stem Tool

You will need a valve stem tool for an efficient, easy, and quick tire change. Removal of the stem releases air quickly in the tire for swift withdrawal. You can choose to have the stem core out or in as you install and mount.

12.              Bead Buddy

Changing your dirt bike tires can be a frustrating event at times. However, a bead buddy makes the entire tire change easier and goes together with the tire iron set. 


These highlighted tools will fit in your dirt bike toolbox perfectly and are an essential requirement for any rider. Ensure your toolbox is sufficiently stocked with them every time you set out on a riding adventure, as you never know when you might need a tool inside the box.