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The Vortex X10 ECU will interact with the KTM/ HUSKY Standard Handlebar Switch in a similar way as used with the standard ECU. See below operation modes.


MAP 1 (WHITE) = VORTEX MAP 1 (see map listing for details)
MAP 2 (GREEN) = MAP X10 
– Map selected on the Vortex ECU X10 Switch


With the engine running press and hold the TC and QS switches for 1 second and the FI, TC and QS lights will flash rapidly. These Flashing lights indicates Launch Mode is active. When in Launch Mode the ECU will use parameters which alter Rev Limit, Ignition Timing and Fuel Map based on engine RPM, Throttle position and effective accelleration.


The intended method for starting in Launch Mode is to have the bike in second gear and hold the throttle from 40-100% open and the engine is on the rev limiter. We recommend holding the throttle at 100%. When the gate drops modulate the power with the clutch only as the bike leave the gate. When the ECU detects a launch condition a timer will be activated. When that time has expired the launch mode will de-activate and normal operation will then resumed as indicated by the lights not flashing. Starts can be made in any gear. TC and QS can also be active during launch by turning them on prior to activating launch mode.

TRACTION CONTROL (TC) MODE:- This mode will limit power to the rear wheel during loss of traction by changing ignition timing and other paramters.

QUICK SHIFTER (QS) MODE:- This mode will allow clutchless upshifts by removing the load from the gearbox for a preprogrammed period of time.