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Have you ever adjusted the TPS from the stock position? If so please follow these instructions to get it back to the factory position. Make sure the YELLOW enrichment knob it not engaged.

The TPS setting at idle on the 2017-2022 is unlike past year EXC and FE models. The previous throttle body DID NOT change TPS voltage as the idle speed screw was changed. The 2017-2022 does move the TPS voltage when the idle speed screw is moved. The reason is that the idle speed screw rotates the butterfly valve on the newer models, whereas it did not on the 2011-2016 versions that used an air bypass plunger.

The TPS voltage per the service manual is referenced as “THAD” , throttle position sensor circuit A, at 0.400V, (+/-.004). The setting must be performed with the idle speed screw backed out to where the throttle valve (butterfly) is completely closed as well as the YELLOW enrichment knob. The service manual is very vague on this setting, and does not describe backing the screw out. After setting the TPS, the idle speed screw is turned back inwards and RAISES the TPS voltage to near .54-.55V , IF the idle speed is set per the manual on the 2017-2022 EXC. IMPORTANT ALSO MAKE SURE THE CHOKE (YELLOW) KNOB IS NOT OPENING THE THROTTLE.