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We don't just build race bikes

Tokyomods is here for all your service needs

Tokyomods is built on performance. We don’t just build race bikes. We build results. We’ve been modifying Motocross/SuperMoto bikes for decades. Success is built by customer trust. Our goal is simple, provide those customers with fast, high-quality engines, rebuilds, and modifications, without compromising reliability. Whether you want to be race ready, or just ready to ride. Let us help you outperform the competition. It’s what we do.

Please include a service form when sending us your engine, cylinder head, carburetor, or ECU. We will contact you once engine or head work is received to provide you with a detailed estimate and completion time.

Tokyomods Carb Mod

Tokyomods created the Carburetor Modification to dramatically improve performance on your motocross or off-road machine. Your carb will be completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. You get new gaskets, worn parts replaced, and our signature jetting installed. If your bike is having issues or you simply want better performance, send it to us. Want to upgrade further? Make your carb stand out with an accessory kit, and new vent hose. Check out all your options in our Tokyomods product section.


Carb Form

Tokyomods ECU Programing

Purchase a FMF/Yoshimura Exhaust from Tokyomods and get ECU reprogram for $100.

Tokyomods leads the industry in performance ECU’s for MX, SX, ATV, and SUPERMOTO. Re-Programming is a must with any engine modification or after- market exhaust. Your stock bike will show significant power gains with our fuel injection performance maps. This is the single biggest change you can make to your bike. Fill out the form and send your ECU to us, we re-program and ship it back out to you the next day.


ECU Form

Tokyomods Cylinder Head Service

We offer a variety of cylinder head services:

  • Complete Race Head Packages
  • Surfacing Cylinder Head
  • Head Porting
  • Head Rebuilding with OEM, Stainless Steel or Titanium Valves
  • Valve Guide Replacement
  • Valve Seat Cutting for Standard or Oversize Valves
  • Valve Seat Replacement with MoldStar 90 Seat Material

Our standard head service includes: valve train removal, head cleaning, and bead blasting ports. After eliminating carbon/deposits, we inspect valve guides, seats are cut, and head is reassembled with all new parts.

We use the industry leading Serdi valve machine, assuring you the highest quality work.

Service Form

Tokyomods Race Engines

Our four-stroke engine packages are customized for each individual. We’re here to help you maximize performance on any budget. We’ll work with you to build a package that fits your needs. We know you have questions? Our experts will help you with all available options. Decades of experience, top-level components, deliver you unbeatable performance and results you can trust.

  • Top Level AMA PRO MX/SX Factory Level Engine Package
  • Big Bore & Stroker Engine Package
  • Top End / Complete Race Engine Package
  • Stock Engine Rebuilding
Service Form

Four Stroke Engine Services

Complete Race Engine Packages

Cylinder Head Porting

Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Surface Cylinder Head

Install Valve Guides

Install Moldstar 90 Valve Seats

Cut Valve Seats

Surface & Hone Cylinder

Crankshaft Rebuild – Race Crank

Crankshaft Rebuild – Stock Crank

REM Engine & Transmission Parts - Isotropic Superfinishing

Topend Rebuild

Split Engine Cases, Clean, Inspect & Reassemble

Modify Throttle Body

Clean Throttle Body & Fuel Injector

Carb Modification

Carb Rebuild

Two Stroke Engine Services

Topend Rebuild

Pressure Check Engine

Split Engine Cases, Clean & Reassemble

Hone Cylinder

Crankshaft Rebuild

REM Transmission Parts

Rebuild Carburetor

Bike Services

Complete Bike Prep for MX, SX & SuperMoto

Race Prep. Lube & Service: Swing arm Pivot, Shock Linkage, Steering Stem, Front & Rear Axles, and Controls

Change Oil. Check & Adjust Spokes. Nut & Bolt Check. Safety Wire Grips. Service Air Filter

Check and Adjust Valve Clearance

Engine Leak down Test & Compression Test

Basic Service - Engine Oil & Filter Change, Clean & Oil Air Filter, Clean Lube & Adjust Chain, Check Spokes

Carb Rebuild on Mini Bike

Bleed Brakes / Brake Fluid Flush

Tire Change

Diagnose & Report: Check bike front to back and provide estimate

Radiator Repair. Clean, Service & Repair Damaged Radiators

Bike Wash & Detail

If you don't see you particular need listed, contact us and we will be happy to help you out.