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Dylan Merriam celebrated a birthday this week and is looking forward to celebrating a new year of life with his return to racing in Atlanta next weekend. Austin Politelli and Jimmy Weeks qualified 27th and 28th respectively.  Weeks was charging hard in the LCQ running in 5th place when a rider crashed in front of him causing him to go down as well; he was able to work back up to an 11th place finish.  Politelli was looking smooth in his heat race, but struggled quite a bit in the LCQ; he ended up with a DNF (did not finish) for the night.


Corbin Hayes unfortunately missed round 6 due to personal reasons, we are hoping he’ll be able to make it back to the Seattle round in a few weeks.  Blaine Silveira was mid pack in heat one when he clipped a tough block with 1 minute and a lap to go.  He DNF’d the race and was forced into the LCQ.  The LCQ had similar results; rounding a corner on the inside he clipped a tough block that severely slowed him down.  Blaine was frustrated with his results, but is looking forward to a few weeks off as the 250SX series heads to the East Coast.  Transport rider, Taiki Koga crashed during qualifying and tore open his hip; the wound was so deep he ended up having to go to the local hospital. He didn’t fracture anything and hopes to be recovered in time for Seattle.