FMF SIL PCII YZ80/85 ’93-11

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POWERCORE II SILENCERSExtruded from aircraft 6060 T6 alloy. Completely repackable. Maximum performance, minimum noise. Fits stock pipes as well as aftermarket pipes. Shorty silencers available for late model bikes to improve low-end thrust. Original Powercore silencers have many of the same features as the Powercore II with a plated concave endcapTURBINECORE II SPARK ARRESTORSNo horsepower loss. Repackable. U.S. Forestry approved. No loose parts to fall off. Stainless steel endcaps look like factory bikes. Original Turbinecore spark arrestors have many of the same features as Turbinecore II with concave endcap

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