These SuperMoto kits for the CRF150R with small wheels are fully optimized to provide the best performance in terms of both outright braking and consistency, lap after lap.

The advanced design AXIS™ full-floaters offer substantially improved performance in terms of both modulation at the lever and overall braking power.  The patented advanced floating system of the AXIS series full-floaters is many times stronger than conventional semi-floating brake rotors.  The heart of this patented design has the floater buttons controlling radial and axial float only, they are non-load bearing.  All of the considerable braking forces are channeled through the trademarked Direct-Link™ architecture comprising over an 800% increase in surface area load transfer as compared to conventional floating brake rotors…simply a far superior design!

See our website for more details on the unique and high-tech features of these top performers.  We offer them in both our traditional race-spec Ductile Iron as well as the AXIS/Cobra™ series which is an optimized petal style with none of the downside problems associated with the Wave type rotors.

Plus we are the first major brake rotor manufacturer to include hi-tech Cryogenic processing on the entire line of performance rotors as a standard operational component of manufacture.   The inclusion of this advanced technologically employing computer controlled, 40 hour deep freezing treatment provides greater thermal stability along with improved wear resistance.

Iron provides a higher coefficient of friction over stainless, with more feel and feedback at the brake lever.  But get them wet – they’re going to rust.  If you’re a fair weather rider like me, then it’s a non-event and not an issue.  However, if you race where inclement weather is a definite possibility, you’re better off with our AXIS/Cobra stainless steel series in the optimized petal design.

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