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Glendale, AZ – January 25, 2020 Round 4 of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season in Glendale, AZ was also the first Triple Crown race of the year.  Triple Crown races consist of 3 Main Events during the night program for both the 250SX class and the 450SX class; to learn more about this format click here


Jimmy Weeks, whose spent the past few weeks recovering from an illness that pulled him out of competition was looking forward to putting that behind him in Glendale.  After qualifying 31 (a position that normally would have guaranteed a night show spot) he went to the LCQ where bike problems plagued him from the start.  As frustrated as Jimmy is with these setback and challenges, he’s glad to be gaining the experience and is looking forward to pushing harder next week and beyond to prove himself (mostly to himself).  Austin Politelli had to try his luck in the LCQ as well, but a crash left him with a DNS and out of the night show.  He’s doing okay and is expected back for this weekend in Oakland. Injury Update: I spoke Dylan Merriam regarding his recovery [a broken collarbone and 2 ribs] and he said he will start riding in 2-3 weeks and hopes to be back racing at Atlanta.


Corbin Hayes unfortunately missed this round of Supercross as well as he was attending to an urgent family matter.  Blaine Silveira said he had “[a] Big crash in the first qualifier and a fluke electrical problem [that] put a damper on the weekend.”  Failing to start the LCQ means Silveira will look to Oakland this weekend to get into the night show and battle towards a Main Event spot.  Transport rider Taiki Koga has been plagued with crashed so far this season, and last weekend race was no different, qualifying an impressive 24th he was a shoe-in for a high LCQ position, but a crash ended his day in 13th and eliminated the night show from the agenda.