CP-CARRILLO 2009 – 2016 Honda CRF450R 13.5:1 , 96mm standard bore (449cc), Project X Pro Piston Kit Profiled Pin Bore, Full Race – redesigned for more power and durability – update thinner rings MX2059-P

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CP-CARRILLO Project X Pro Pistons
Highly advanced and refined process, researched, developed and tested for years with high end OE companies, significantly increases the durability of a part by reducing the stresses in the pin bore area. Instead of honing the pin bores, specific machines and processes, developed by CP-Carrillo, enable us to put different shapes and forms inside this area that allows the pin to flex while removing stress from this area. Since the pin bore is one of the most stressed areas of the piston, high end racers and OE’s now require that this process be a part of their program. Although this specialized and expensive technology has been around at CP-Carrillo for years, we have now found a way to offer this on select parts in 2016 at a competitive price. Throughout our development and testing of this, we have been able to drastically increase the durability on parts while continually exceeding horsepower requirements.

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